Saturday, April 6, 2013

Christ's Love For His Children

Part of our mission here in Guatemala was to visit the preschool. We sang songs, fed them a snack, played games with them, helped make crafts, and read stories to them. On the first day, our group had problems with making name tags, so I didn't have a lot of time to love on the kids. The next day, during the songs, a boy named Pablo came up to me wanting to get on top of my shoulders. I lifted him up and I saw the joy expressed in his face. Throughout the day, many children came up to me as I was tickling them and chasing them around. At one point, I had five or six children jumping on me and having so much fun. Each time I saw them in their free time during class, they would hug me, tickle me, and jump on me. These children loved it! I later realized the symbolism of Christ's love. We are his children and he loves us and wants to be with us and love on us. So like I showed these children the love of Christ, Jesus shows us that same love.

-Joshua Alcorn

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